Introducing Medjay Radio! (Yes, there was a name change)

As 2018 is quickly approaching, and New Year goals and resolutions linger in my head I decided to share my personal playlist. You will find all the songs that I play during shows, as well as the grooves I just can not get enough of. 

In the past, I have been going under the DJ pseudonym  Prismo, but after discovering that the name had been taken I had to return unfortunately to the drawing board. After much deliberations and contemplating I finally came to the conclusion that DJ Medjay would be the best fit. I came to the name while a friend was playing the latest Assassins Creed game, the main character of which was considered a Medjay, or the all-seeing protector of the people. 

I hope you enjoy listening and. look for future playlists, live mixes, and more blog posts to come in 2018! 

Drayton Mayers aka DJ Medjay