Procrastination Station 

This is the corner of my website that is dedicated to things I might have read, seen or listened to during my daily internet deep dive. Whatever I seen interesting it'll be linked here. If you click on something you like try to save it... who knows if it'll stay on here. 

The Impolite Pleasure of People-Watching
Observation is, at once, a glorified lack of activity and an invasion of privacy. But there’s so much to see in New York.

Who is America? 
Sacha Baron Cohen’s new SHOWTIME series

Tracing the History of Skateboarding’s Most Famous Camera
Two Industries Were Revolutionized: Porn and Skateboarding

Avi Gold Wants to Make a Better Gift Shop
The Toronto-based streetwear veteran talks about his new shop, Canadian style, and how LeBron got ahold of one of his T-shirts.